If you’re on the move this holiday travel season use my Fall Travel Capsule Wardrobe to help you pack your suitcase. Pick and choose the elements that work for your trip and you’ll have one less thing to stress about. Here I’ve taken the capsule and put together outfits that coordinate for different occasions. Details for clothing items can be found here. Happy Packing!

fall15_outfits copy


Fall is my absolute favorite time of year. It’s also an ideal time to travel. With temperatures that can fluctuate from warm to crisp it’s necessary to have layers of clothing to stay comfortable. Use my template as a guide and and adjust any items to suit your travel needs and the climate of your destination.

I channeled a bit of inspiration from the 70’s in putting this fall capsule wardrobe together. I also added another outerwear piece to the traditional trench to change the vibe and feeling of the looks. Two pieces of outerwear can stretch the limits on packing light so use your best judgement and wear your bulkiest pieces in transit.

This capsule consists of 11 mostly neutral pieces with bits of pattern and texture thrown in the mix. For more packing light inspiration check out this post.


Trench Coat
You can’t go wrong with packing a trench coat. For ideas on how to style your trench check out my ode to the trench coat here. Zara Trench.

Light Suede Jacket
A lightweight suede jacket can give you just enough warmth to fashionably handle cool evenings. This topper is a great piece to wear when your travel activities take you from day to evening without a break. Suede Jacket.

Long Cardigan
Long Cardigans are trending strongly right now and just about every major retailer is carrying a version of this sweater. It’s a versatile piece that can go with just about anything. For the purposes of this capsule it could go with the dress, jeans, skirts or trousers. In colder weather it can layer under the trench for added warmth. Long Cardigan.

Black Blouse
A simple silk blouse gives jeans a boost and can dress up easily with black trousers. Silk also has the advantage of being super lightweight which is just what you need to pack light. Layer with the cardigan, trench or suede jacket in cooler weather. Silk blouse.

Day to Evening Dress
Finding the perfect travel dress can be challenging if you don’t already own one. It’s worth the effort because a dress gives you the ultimate in pack-ability. Ideally you’ll choose a dress that’s that rare breed that can looks as appropriate for evening travel activities as it does for day. Paisley Print Dress.

Grey Tee
While it is nice to be dressed up when you travel it’s also important to be comfortable. That’s why I always advocate packing at least one tee shirt. Look for tees with nice draping or special details to keep you from looking too casual. Tees can be kept casual with a cardigan topper or dressed up with a blazer or trench. Side slit grey tee.

Flared Jeans
Flared or bootcut jeans are a nice alternative to skinnies. Look for a flattering cut that coordinates with your travel footwear. Flared jeans.

Blue Button Down Shirt
Button down shirts are a classic and easy to style for travel. They pair well with dressy and casual pieces and layer well under toppers. You don’t just have to go for a solid color, plaids and other patterns will add some fun to your travel wardrobe. Blue button down.

Denim Skirt
The denim skirt is having a bit of a revival and I’m adopting it as a travel piece. It can pair up with everything from sneakers to dressier footwear and a pair of tights can extend its wear-ability. There’s silhouettes that vary from pencil to A-line so choose what works best for you. Denim Skirt.

Striped Long Sleeve Tee
A striped top gives you all the comforts of a tee shirt but the timeless pattern helps travel outfits from being too plain. If you’re not into stripes find another pattern or solid color that suits your travel look. Striped top.

Cropped Black Trousers
Black pants with a cropped cut have a modern feel and work well with loafers and surprisingly sneakers. They also offer the basis for a smart travel outfit if that’s what you require. Cropped black trousers. Cropped Black Trousers.

3 Pairs of Shoes
Booties and Sneakers will get you through most of your travel activities. Loafers will help provide a pulled together look. Check out my Pinterest boards for ideas on how to wear your sneakers and booties for travel.

Accessories really add the finishing touch to your travel outfits but we are packing light so need to go overboard. Scarves are perfect for travel and if you don’t believe me just read my 12 reasons to always pack a scarf. A lightweight casual scarf is great for wearing in transit and with more casual outfits. A dressy scarf adds a fun touch to a tee shirt or to a blouse. For practical purposes, it’s nice to have a warm and cozy scarf to wrap around your neck on chilly day.

A large tote will serve you well as your airplane carry-on and your day bag to hold all your travel essentials. Choose a tote that’s zippable and can be worn across the body for extra security in crowded areas. A smaller clutch or handbag is nice for evening travel activities. Keep jewelry simple and to a minimum with dainty necklaces and earrings. A wool hat is not essential but it’s nice to have during drizzly, rainy weather. A nice pair of sunglasses, however, are absolutely essential.

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It’s summer travel season and I thought I’d do a series on summer travel essentials starting off with footwear. The right pair of shoes can make or break your trip. You don’t want to be stuck dealing with blisters, sore feet and legs at the expense of that cute yet not comfortable pair of shoes you packed.

If your travel activities call for a lot of walking you want to look for a sandal with plenty of foot support. A flat rubber flip-flop or flat sandal (with no support) will not do for any significant amount of walking. On the flip side a killer pair of four inch wedges won’t work either. It can be difficult to find that happy medium of fashionable and comfortable but it’s worth the effort.

Use this visual as a guide to help you find your perfect travel sandal. Look for cushioning and arch support if you need that. Keep your travel activities, climate and destination in mind when choosing a travel shoe. If you’re traveling somewhere rainy include a waterproof sandal or shoe in your travel wardrobe. If you want to keep your luggage light, limit your shoes to three pairs. An example of that would be to pack a comfortable walking sandal, a dressier walkable wedge and a pair of stylish sneakers for a closed-toe footwear option.

travelista_sandal copy


Row 1
Neutral sandals will complement many travel wardrobe color palettes. Look for a cushioned foot bed and whatever additional support your foot requires. Simple sandals like this match with jeans, shorts, skirts and dresses. Born Mahala, Born Rainey Sandal, Ahnu Saratoga Sandal.

Row 2
I strongly discourage you from wearing flimsy rubber flip-flops for travel. High quality, leather thong sandals can give you the same casual feel of flip-flops but with features like heel straps and molded foot beds your feet won’t be screaming at you by the end of a long travel day. They also just plain look nicer too.

The Birkenstock Gizeh does not have a heel strap however its foot bed molds to the shape of your foot and holds it securely. If you don’t believe me about flip-flops watch this Today Show Health segment about the dangers of flip-flops. Born Reta, Birkenstock Gizeh, Ahnu Serena.

Row 3
Flatforms give you a comfortable yet modern option for your travel outfits. Flatforms provide a little bit of height without sacrificing comfort. They go well with summer dresses and skirts a give a little edge to your outfits. Pair them with a culotte for a fun, breezy travel look. Gentle Souls Josie Platform Sandal, The Flexx Sun Tropez Platform Sandal, Ecco Damara Leather Sandal.

Row 4
Complement your summer travel outfits with a metallic sandal. They function as a neutral yet add an interesting element to neutral travel outfits. Ecco Flash Huarache Sandal, Born Mardel, Born Mardel, Ahnu Maia Sandals.

Row 5
It’s always a good idea to include a dressy pair of shoes in your travel wardrobe. A “walkable” wedge that isn’t too high can be a versatile option for day to night travel activities. I purchased the Clark’s Auriel Fin in Gold and I’ve found them to be comfortable and they’ve already served me well on a Girl’s weekend getaway. Kork-Ease Myrna 2.0 sandal, Naot Cymbal Sandal.

Row 6
If you want the look of a sandal without having your toes exposed you’ll want to look at a closed-toe sandal. A hybrid of a flat and a sandal the Ahnu Tullia would look darling with summer dresses, Spring Step Lizzie, Kork-Ease Meegan.

Row 7
If you’re travel activities involve outdoorsy activities or if you’re traveling to a casual, outdoorsy destination consider packing a sport sandal. A dark neutral color and thin staps keep the Jambu Lunar from looking too sporty and you can wear them with shorts, sporty skorts or maxi skirts. For light hiking activities look for a sport sandal with a closed toe like the Keen Rose to protect them from getting stubbed on rocks. Water activities require a waterproof shoe that will stay secure on your foot, Chaco Z Volv X.

Check out my Pinterest Board for ideas on how to style your travel sandals.


Packing for a Spring trip presents a few challenges because the weather can go from cold to warm to rainy. When you are planning your spring travel outfits pack lightweight layers to help you get through the unpredictable weather. You can add or take away these layers as the weather changes.

In the Spring Travel Capsule I posted yesterday I offered several layering options with the 12 piece capsule: 1 Trench Coat, 1 raincoat, 1 open caridigan, 1 open knit pullover sweater, 1 draped jacket, 1 Long Sleeve Tee Shirt, 1 Short Sleeve Tee Shirt, 1 Long Sleeve Blouse, 1 Short Sleeve Blouse, 1 Jean, 1 Black Pant, 1 Dress. Here’s some ideas for just a few of the outfit combinations you can put together (clothing details can be found in yesterday’s post). The outfit possibilities extend beyond this I just wanted to visually show how many versatile outfits you can get out of a 12 piece travel capsule wardrobe.

trav_spring_outfits copy

Happy Travels!


Spring travel requires versatile clothing that can help you adapt to quickly changing weather situations. Crisp mornings may warm up or stay cool depending on where you visit. Layers help keep you warm and give you lots of outfit options. This 12 piece capsule includes some dressy options. Just take these as suggestions to help you build your spring travel wardrobe. If you are visiting somewhere rainy, you may want to consider pair of waterproof booties like these in addition to a waterproof outer layer like the jacket shown in the capsule. You don’t want a little rain slowing you down.

The neutral palette makes it easy to add in splashes of color here and there. Adjust your palette to suit your taste and destination but I find it easier to mix and match with a base set of neutrals to work with. In order to pack light choose lightweight knits and synthetic fabrications. Refer to my How to Pack Light post for more packing light suggestions.

trav_springcapsule copy

I’ve gone in depth about my love affair with the trench so of course I thought I’d include it in this Spring Capsule. It’s the ultimate in versatility and light enough for warm spring weather. If a trench isn’t your thing an olive green parka is a modern classic, check out this one or this one. Classic cotton trench coat.

Wind/Rain Resistant Layer
The Marmot Precip Jacket shown above provides breathable protection from spring rains and windy days and can be layered over your lightweight layers. If your destination does not call for rain you can of course leave off this item but I generally pack a raincoat just in case.

Draped Jacket
Draped jackets offer a slightly less structured silhouette than a blazer yet still look dressed up. A draped jacket can dress up jeans and a tee shirt or add a finishing layer to blouses or dresses. Black Waterfall Structured Jacket.

Open Knit Sweater
An open knit sweater will keep you warm but with a slightly looser weave it won’t overheat you once the weather warms up. It can be layered over a tee and paired with the trench or draped jacket. Open Knit Sweater.

Open Cardigan
A cardigan adds to your layering and outfit options. Layer a cardi over a tee shirt with jeans and you’ve got a comfortable airplane outfit. Top it off with a trench and you add a bit of jet-set chic to your comfy traveling outfit. Dolman Sleeve Cardigan.

Long Sleeve Tee Shirt
Nothing beats a good tee shirt for layering. Look for fabrications like this top that are all synthetic so it won’t take up much room in your suitcase. Layer it under the cardigan or sweater as part of your airplane ensemble. Dolman Sleeve Tee shirt.

Short Sleeve Tee
A nice pop of color keeps your functional travel wardrobe from looking too dull. This tee pairs nicely with travel sneakers and layers easily under the trench. V-neck classic top.

Day to Night Dress
If you need to dress up during your travels you can choose a dress specifically for your event or try and find a multi-functional dress that can work during the day or evening. Striped Dress.

2 Scarves
Lightweight scarves can help add another warming light layer and give you another opportunity to accessorize. Bring along a scarf like the Black Crinkled Cashmere Wrap to keep you warm during a cold flight. On warm spring days go for a lightweight scarf like the Modal/Silk blend scarf shown above.

Short Sleeve Blouse
A short sleeve blouse gives you a nice option for warm spring days when you don’t have to hide under layers. Go for one that can transition from day to night if possible. Printed Tunic.

Long Sleeve Blouse
A long sleeve blouse will keep you looking dressy casual and comfortable if the temperatures haven’t warmed up yet. A neutral print can be worn with jeans or pants and worn with the Draped Jacket for a more dressed up look. Long Sleeve Blouse.

An all purpose tote can serve as your personal carry-on bag and your day bag during your travels. Make sure you get one with a zipper for a little added security. A small clutch takes up barely room in your suitcase and will help complete dressy and casual/dressy outfits. Tote, Clutch.

2 Pants
Dark wash jeans are versatile and can be dressed up or down and for this capsule can be combined with all 3 footwear options. This particular pair from Zara is cotton blended with modal so they will be more lightweight than typical jeans. If your activities call for a smart casual or dressed up look, pack a pair of black pants. Or you can always add in another dress or skirt for dressy outfits. If your travel activities are on the casual end, another pair of jeans can be packed instead.

3 Pairs of Shoes
As long as you’ve planned your travel wardrobe carefully you shouldn’t need more than 3 pairs of shoes. Depending on your destination and the type of trip you’re taking you will probably need a good pair of walking shoes. Luckily sneakers are having a “fashion moment” and can be incorporated into travel outfits without looking too touristy, check out my Pinterest Board for styling ideas. The sneakers shown are the Nike Internationalist from J. Crew. The Cut-out booties shown above have a transitional feel to them and they work well in warm or cooler spring weather and give you more of a dressy/casual look. If you’ve packed dressier looks, a shoe like the “Now” open toe bootie from Steve Madden provide a nice alternative to pumps.

Later this week I’ll provide ideas on different outfit options using this Spring Capsule. What are your biggest struggles in packing for Spring?


A trench can go beyond basic travel outerwear to becoming a style statement with a few tips and tricks. Its classic shape and silhouette adapts itself to just about anything in your wardrobe. This makes it a great Travelista Essential and a good item to include in your travel wardrobe. If you haven’t already looked at my guide on the 6 Best Trench Coats for Travel check it out to find out which style works best for you.

A trench works best in Fall and Spring weather and in the in between transitional seasons. Look at the weather of your destination to make a final determination. A trench coat easily gets you through European travel or travel to large cities but may not work in more casual cultural climates or during rainy season travel (unless your trench is waterproof).

trav_trench_howtowear copy

General Styling Tips
* Popping the collar of your trench adds extra drama and it’s a good look for evening activities.
* Scrunch your sleeves for a casual, effortless look.
* On warmer days you can leave your trench coat open and tie it in the back.
* If you do wear the trench coat closed, tie the belt instead of buckling it.
* A scarf pairs well with a trench and can give you added warmth, tuck the scarf into the belt for a different look.
* If you wear it tied in front, leave a small gap to show off your outfit and add a casual vibe.

There’s certain clothing combinations that transcend age and time. These classic combinations should leave you feeling confident and pulled together no matter your travel situation. Combining a stripe top, jeans and leopard flats with your trench provides you a good starting point to planning a travel wardrobe. A nice white button down gives that same classic and pulled together feel. Personalize your look with a scarf and accessories. Striped Top, Jeans, Leopard Flats, White Shirt.

If your travel agenda involves activities that require being dressed up your trench can do double duty. Combine your trench with classics like a little black travel dress or a black trousers and a dressy top and look pulled together without having to pack an extra jacket. Black Dress, Wedge Heels, Black Top, Black Trousers.

Let’s say you want to be comfortable in transit without looking too sloppy. You can do that by just throwing on your trench coat. That’s the beauty of the trench coat, you can wear comfortable layers underneath yet still look like you put some effort into your outfit. If you like a comfortable and casual airplane outfit a trench will still keep you looking pulled together. Wearing your trench in transit also helps save suitcase room. Winning! Gray Tee, Boyfriend Jeans, Vans Slip-On Sneaker, Chambray (Lyocell) Top.

I’m always looking for travel outfits that can transition from day to evening activities. Skirts paired with your trench provide a nice dressy casual look that can get you through the day. You can go with a flattering A-line shape or a slimmer style, just make sure the length isn’t too short and you feel comfortable. Gingham Shirt, Skirt, Cut-out booties, Button Down Blouse, Skirt, Cut-out Booties.

It may not seem to be a likely pairing but your bohemian looks can work with your trench coat. The trench provides a nice style counterpoint to your rocker tees, distressed denim and boho blouses. Tee, Black Jeans, Cut-out booties, Blouse, Cut-offs, Birks.

If you want even more styling ideas check out my Pinterest Board on Trench Coat Travel Style. I also found lots of trench street style pics on the Burberry Site, Art of the Trench. Happy Packing!

Row 1: Pic 1, Pic 2, Pic 3
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