Favorite Scarf Tutorials

I’m a huge fan of packing a scarf for travel. In fact I consider it an essential. Now that you’ve packed your scarf, what do you with it? I’ve rounded up some of my favorite tutorials to help you get the most out of your scarf.

1. This wonderful graphic from The Fashion Spott helps illustrate loads of looks. Click on through and mouse over each photo to get explanations on how to achieve each look.


2. This fun and well done video tutorial shows you 25 ways to tie a scarf in only 4 1/2 minutes. Pick out a few of your favorite looks and start practicing!

3. There are so many styles of scarves from small silk square scarves to thick and voluminous wraps. Scarves Dot Net provides a great resource for tying scarves based on the type you have. They also have a great resource for matching scarf knots to your neckline. Make sure and explore the site for lots of tips and information.


4. Another well done video by clothing brand Eileen Fisher. Not a brand I normally shop but there’s several good options for tying a scarf that aren’t covered in the other resources. And PS how chic and adorable is the woman in this video.

5. A Beautiful Mess blog provides a great tutorial with lots of tips on wearing a silk scarf in your hair. This is a great option for overnight travel situations and a stylish alternative to just throwing your hair in a ponytail or hat.

6. Hermes, the luxury scarf brand, puts out their own scarf tutorial in the form of their “knotting cards”. Don’t worry if you don’t own an Hermes scarf, you can find the cards and their content online here.

I made my own scarf tying video about 6 years ago and it seems so very basic compared to all these techniques above. However, if you want to see some vintage Travelista in action, check it out here. In the meantime, have fun packing for your next trip and don’t forget your scarf!

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