Transform Your Airplane Outfit with a Transit Trouser

Travelista airplane outfit with transit trouser

Navigating airport terminals and enduring long flights demand not only comfort but also style, particularly during the lively spring and summer months. Whether you're heading out for a quick weekend getaway or an extended overseas journey, incorporating a comfortable "transit trouser" can transform your airplane outfit, ensuring you stay chic and most importantly comfortable from takeoff t[...]


San Miguel de Allende Packing List

For over two decades, San Miguel de Allende has topped my travel wish list, and I've had the pleasure of visiting this enchanting city twice. Perfect for a celebratory getaway—like my husband's fall birthday and my own (which I'll share about in a future post)—San Miguel never disappoints. Here’s how you can plan your visit, starting with the essential packing tips. The key strategy[...]