how to plan a winter travel wardrobe capsule

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Pinterest Facebook Twitter Facebook Table of Contents Embarking on a winter journey? The key to enjoying your winter travels is packing and wearing the right layers for warmth. Additionally, its helpful to use a framework like the Travelista 12 method as your foundation for planning a winter travel capsule wardrobe. This guide will walk you through creating a functional, stylish winter travel capsule wardrobe, ensuring you're prepared for every winter trip occasion. The capsule shown wa[...]

How to pack a 2023 European Fall travel capsule for 10 days

Europe Fall Travel Capsule outfits

Pinterest Facebook Twitter Reddit Table of Contents Embarking on a European journey, especially during the fall, comes with its own packing puzzles. First and foremost, how do you ensure all your essentials fit into just a carry-on? My guide on crafting the perfect European Fall Travel Capsule offers insights to help jumpstart your packing game. This European Fall Travel Capsule strategy is designed to be versatile, functional and stylish, serving you seamlessly whether you're jet-sett[...]

The Essential European Travel Capsule Packing Guide for Fall 2023

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Pinterest Facebook Email Reddit Table of Contents Europe in the fall captures my heart. With its mild weather, fewer tourists than summer, and the added perk of cost-friendly airfares and accommodations, it's the prime season to journey. If Europe is on your agenda this autumn, then this European Travel Capsule Travel Capsule Packing Guide is a must-read! Given Europe's growing popularity and the frequent hiccups in airline services (yes, those pesky lost luggage woes), this Capsule[...]

Last-Minute Summer Travel Capsule Wardrobe guide

This summer's sizzling temperatures have certainly spiced up my travels! From the cultural heart of San Miguel de Allende in Mexico to the vibrant streets of Austin, Texas, my recent trips required a versatile and functional summer travel capsule that could keep up with the heat while ensuring I remained stylish and confident. And even as we edge closer to the tail-end of the summer, I squeezed in a last minute jaunt to the charming city of Santa Fe. So, let's dive into creating the ultimate last-minute summer travel capsule that promises to keep you chic, co[...]

10 Essential Pieces for a Spring Capsule Wardrobe in Europe

Spring Capsule Wardrobe in Europe

Are you planning a springtime getaway to Europe? Wondering how to pack the perfect blend of style and practicality? Don't worry, I've got you covered! Here's a list for you of the top 10 essential pieces for a stylish spring capsule wardrobe in Europe. With these items, you'll be ready for anything from strolling down the streets of Paris to exploring the ruins of Rome. Get ready to pack light and travel in style! Before diving into our list of the top 10 essential pieces for a stylish spring capsule wardrobe in Europe, it's important to acknowledge that Europ[...]

Round Top Edit – Where to shop

Welcome to Travelista's "Round Top Edit - Where to Shop," your guide to the enchanting world of Round Top, Texas! Nestled in the picturesque Hill Country, Round Top is a quaint town that transforms into a shopper's paradise during "The Show," a triannual antiques fair. With a history dating back over 50 years, this extraordinary event boasts miles of hay fields, barns, and tents brimming with antiques, art, and décor. In this post, we'll explore the magic of the Round Top experience where bargain hunters and pickers can find vintage treasures, as well as the eve[...]