TSA Toiletry Hacks

Fortunately or unfortunately the TSA has put into place rules that drastically affect the way we pack toiletries, specifically liquids, gels, and aerosols. As of 9/26/06 the rules basically state that all carry on toiletries (liquid, gels, or aerosols) must be in 3 ounce bottles or smaller AND these bottles must all be contained within a clear quart size zip top bag. There are exceptions for breast milk, formula, and prescription drugs check TSA guidelines for specifics. Larger amounts of toiletries must be checked with luggage.

The TSA rules basically mean we have to be a bit more creative in packing toiletries. One option involves only packing your absolute are essentials such as toothpaste. After arriving to your destination you can purchase all your toiletries at the nearest drugstore or grocery store.

If that sounds like too much of a hassle you then must begin the task of transferring any liquid or gel into a 3 oz. container or smaller if you can’t buy the item in travel size form. Of course wherever possible try and trim the amount of toiletries that you bring and look for double duty items.

There are also toiletry items that don’t come in the traditional gel, liquid, or aerosol form and don’t have to be included in your quart size Zip Loc bag. Websites such as Drugstore.com, Beauty.com , Sephora.com, and minimus.biz provide travel size toiletries and makeup.

Tips for getting around TSA rules for toiletries
Makeup wipes replace liquid facial soap
Tooth powders and dental mitts can be used instead of toothpaste
Effervescent tablets can be used instead of mouthwash
Antibacterial wipes instead of sanitizing gel
Hair Bars replace shampoo and / or conditioners
-Some baby shampoo can be used as a body wash as well (double duty)
-All in one shampoo & conditioners do double duty
-Natural products such as Dr. Bronners Organic liquid soap (shampoo, body wash, and mouthwash) & Campsuds (shampoo, body wash, laundry wash) serve multiple uses
Lotion wipes provide an alternative to lotion
Mineral powder foundation can replace liquid foundation and concealer
Facial moisturizers with sunscreen serve double duty
-Good old fashioned bar soap can replace shower gel
Hair Powder (Aveda)/ Hair wax can replace styling gel or hair spray
Cake mascara instead of liquid mascara
Lipstick ,lip gloss pencils, or lip balms instead of liquid lip gloss
Solid deodorant, deodorant pads, or wipes instead of gel or aerosol deodorant
Sunscreen wipes instead of sunscreen lotion