Putting It all Together

There is a notable difference between the way the French and Italian dress. However this should not really affect how you plan your travel wardrobe. (Read more about the differences below).

The real key is packing clothes that fit and flatter your body. You must also be comfortable in your clothes and in your skin. A lot of what makes European women beautiful is a fierce inner confidence that just exudes from their pores.

Other ways to achieve this look is to shop where Europeans shop. Once again we are budget travelers and we don’t want to break the bank so we’ll have to save the Chanel and Prada shopping sprees for some other day.

La Redoute.com, based in France, carries clothing similar to what I’ve seen in Paris. They carry inexpensive clothes in both young and more mature styles, they also carry plus sizes. Every season they also get a high end designer to design clothes that real people can afford.

H&M provides stylish and trendy clothing quite inexpensively (I love H&M!!). H&M stores are prevalent throughout Europe and always crowded. There are a few stores here in the states and if you are lucky enough to live near one stateside you can begin your search for travel friendly clothes there (no online ordering). Otherwise save a little room in your suitcase and plan on hitting an H&M in Europe to pick up whatever’s trendy at the moment.

Another popular European store based in Spain with a few outposts in the US is Zara (no online ordering). Zara carries a great selection of updated classics and trendy clothing in the mid range of pricing. Other stores in Europe that carry inexpensive trendy clothes are Etam, Mango, and Coin.