French or Italian Dressing?

  • French women dress classic yet subtly sexy, Italian women are more va-va-va-voom in their sexiness
  • French women stick to classic clothing, Italian women are classic but they do like trendy clothing as well
  • French women wear simple hair and makeup, Italian women get a bit more gussied up and they love blond highlights
  • French women wear fitted clothing, Italians wear tighter clothing
  • French women may use color as an accent, sometimes Italians wear more color
  • Some sort of scarf is always worn by both Italian and French women
  • Heels are always worn by both Italian and French women

sartorialistfrenchgirl.jpgsartorialistItalianbombshellstyle.jpgsartorialistclassicEuropeanstyle.jpgsartorialistItalianstylesartorialistFrenchwomansartorialistItalianchicwoman.jpgThese photos along with an assortment of others can be found on The Sartorialist.