What NOT to Wear

If you are traveling to Europe and want to avoid being branded a “tourist” upon first glance, there are a few items of clothing you’ll need to avoid. Not that there’s anything wrong with being a tourist, that is what you are indeed while traveling. However, it really helps to blend in.

Some advocate wearing what you would normally wear to Europe, just so long as you are comfortable. Well anyone with even the most remote sense of observation will notice the vast difference between the way tourists dress and the typical urban European. Tourists really do stand out, which while your clothes may be comfortable your psyche may not.

Other experts state that it is too difficult to pull off a European look. Ugh no! It does not have to be difficult, it’s not about sporting the latest fashions. Just aim to dress slightly smarter than you may be used to if you are a casual dresser. Think business casual with a little flair (check out Travel Clothes for more ideas) and of course an eye towards comfort at the same time, which starts with a good pair of walking shoes. If all you do is wear black you are 100% completely ahead of the game.

Tourists traveling in groups may be unable to avoid the tourist label. However for the independent traveler it may be well worth the effort to blend in for a more authentic experience. Will people still know you are a tourist? If you follow my Travelista Guidelines for travel clothes no one will know you’re a tourist until you attempt to order un café au lait in your best high school French.

What not to wear in EuropePlace du Tertre Paris
1. Clunky tennis shoes, trainers are OK
2. Gym clothes
3. Ball caps
4. Sweatshirts
5. Sweat suits (not oven the expensive kind)
6. Yoga Pants, these are for Yoga
7. Khakis
8. Zip off cargo pants
9. Khaki Shorts
10. Oversize parkas
11. Hiking boots
12. Fanny packs
13. White socks
14. Pastel colors
15. Flower prints
16. Ratty blue jeans
17. Printed or overly logo-ed shirts
18. Exposed midriffs
19. Tapered jeans/pants
20. Money belt around your neck on the outside of your clothes
21. Uggs, over and uggly
22. Foamy platform thong flip flops
23. Crocs
24. Super low-rise jeans
25. Giveaway tees that advertise your last frat party or the last 10K you ran
26. Baggy clothing
27. Tee shirts with marginally clever phrases on them
28. Hawaiian or bold print shirts
29. Dry Clean Only clothing