Jean Styles

paigebootcut.jpgBoot cut styles compliment many body types. This style of jean flares slightly out from the knee. This style has become increasingly popular thanks to a nearly universal flattering fit. Boot leg styles can be found in various sizes to complement many body types. The prevalence of boot leg styles make it the easiest style of jean to select since it is readily available at most clothing stores at various price points.

nydstraight.jpgStraight leg styles are a classic option. Make sure that they are indeed straight leg without a hint of a taper and that the waist is at least below the navel. Straight leg jeans can work on different body types as well. When worn with a longer tunic top or with a dress (yes that’s right I said dress) they can skim over problem areas.

gaptrouser.jpgThe trouser cut jean has become my personal favorite. This cut has all the advantages of denim with an added dose of sophistication. My quality of life has truly improved since buying my trouser cut jeans, I wear them all the time. The leg is a fuller cut which can skim over problem areas. They also usually have a wider, more tailored waistband than jeans which helps provide a little more lock and load to the tummy area. I wear mine with everything from trainers to heels, they are that versatile.

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