European women dress femininely and favor skirts and dresses. In warmer weather skirts and dresses provide an alternative to shorts and can definitely increase your “Ciao Bella!” factor. You can also really feel a breeze in them, if you now what I mean, which helps after trekking around a hot city all day.

Skirts can be a great day outfit when worn with simple tee shirts and belts or can be dressed up for evening with a cardigan or dressy top. If your tops are solids then a skirt gives you an opportunity to insert a pattern if you choose not to go with a complimentary neutral.

Skirt length should not be higher than a few inches above the knee. Mini skirts are just not functional for traveling. You need to be able to comfortably maneuver around in your clothes and minis just don’t provide enough coverage. A knee length skirt complements most women. If you prefer a longer skirt make sure the hem hits at the thinnest part of your leg, which would be around the ankle. Unless you have super skinny legs a mid calf skirt length can make your calves look large. Bear in mind that a longer skirt means extra material and this will add some bulk to your travel wardrobe.

Skirts should not be too voluminous to minimize packing space. A-line skirts compliment most women. Skirts in a thin and silky material work best for your travel wardrobe. Thin, crisp cottons are a good choice if you need more structure and coverage than clingy knits provide.

What could be easier than throwing on a dress and calling it a day? Dresses are a natural for your travel wardrobe. Wrap dresses that consist of a thin knit jersey or rayon complement a variety of body types. Belted shirtdresses flatter most body types and provide enough structure to disguise figure flaws.