A staple in many a wardrobe, tee shirts will serve your travel wardrobe well because they layer easily.  However, leave your traditional 100% cotton, loose cut tee shirt at home.  These bulky shirts take a long time to dry so it’s not going to be as useful while traveling. 

Instead, choose tees that consist of super thin cotton or a synthetic blend.  These thin tee shirts are often referred to as tissue thin, featherweight, or layering tees.

If you do choose a 100% cotton tee it should be so thin that it is slightly sheer.  Long sleeve and short sleeve versions are available so you can make your selections based on your travel season.        

Tissue weight tees can be layered under sweaters, cardigans, or oxfords.  When wearing them as your outer layer they can be layered over a coordinating or matching cami.  Just remember that the cami should be lightweight as well.  If you choose a cami with a built in “bra” remember that this is not meant for anyone that is over a B cup.  If you have a larger bust there is no replacement for a well fitting bra, no cutting corners here.  You will need the support with all the walking there is to do in Europe. 

Look for styles that are close fitting, making it easier to layer.  If a close cut is less than forgiving then use the tee shirt as your base layer.  In the fall or winter a tee can be layered under a sweater, blazer, or coat.  In the spring or summer a short or ¾ length sleeve tee can be layered under a cardigan or lightweight trench.  If a tee shirt is not your thing because of the clingy fit a wrap top, tunic, or structured oxford are good alternatives.



Short sleeve layering tees can be plain when worn under other layers.  Small details dress them up if worn as the outer layer.



Cami’s should coordiante or match outer layers.  These have a high synthetic content or are very sheer.