Dressy Tops

A fitted oxford works well when worn alone or when layeread making it a good travel option.  Choose a close but comfortable fit in a complimentary color to your other travel wardrobe pieces.  There are many stretch varieties available which lend themselves well to travel because of the synthetic fiber content (quick drying).  A fitted oxford looks great layered under a sweater or it can elevate the look of jeans when paired with a blazer.  In warmer weather it can smarten up a skirt or complete a classic look when paired with crisp Bermuda shorts.

A dressy top or blouse is a versatile travel option.  Look for thin or silky versions that are hand or machine washable.  These tops can be dressed up or down.  They work with jeans for daytime sightseeing or pair with trousers or a skirt for dinner.  They also layer well under a blazer or cardigan.  Sleeveless varieties are alright, just remember that you will have to cover your shoulders (with a shawl or cardigan) when entering some churches.

Tunic tops can be your saving grace if you don’t want to wear a fitted top.  They can skim over figure flaws while still lending a chic aesthetic.  Empire waist tunics are especially forgiving.  Tunic cut tops in tee shirt materials can be comfortable just as they are flattering.  For an edgy look try wearing one with a wide leather belt.  This can simultaneously highlight a small waist while the longer length of the tunic camouflages a tummy.  Avoid with tunics with skirts unless it looks good belted.