The travel socks you choose impact on your comfort just as much as your shoes.  Socks should wick away moisture and provide padding to prevent blisters.  Socks with a high synthetic material content dry quickly which is important since you will be washing them frequently (I hope!).  Remember to try on your travel shoe with your travel socks to get true feel for how they work together.

Bra’s with a high synthetic content dry quicker than your standard all cotton bra.  Do not pack a sports bra, supportive-yes, flattering-no.  A proper fitting bra makes all the difference in how you look in your clothes.  The right bra can emphasize a waist, provide cleavage, or alleviate back strain.  If you buy a new one get measured first if the service is available.  A tight or ill fitting bra can become uncomfortable while traveling because you wear it for extended periods.

When it comes to underwear style it’s up to your personal preference.  A seamless style minimizes the dreaded VPL (visible panty line) if your not into a thong style.  Look for synthetic blends and avoid 100% cotton.  Underwear takes up little room in your suitcase and is one of the easiest items of clothing to launder in hotel sinks so I don’t really advocate for disposable underwear.

Don’t forget that you’ll need something to sleep in.  Oversize cotton t-shirts are way to bulky.  Opt for something that will take up a  minimal amount of room.  If you are staying in hostels bear in mind some are mixed gender, so you might want to take that in consideration when packing sleepwear (so that your not just walking around in your skivvies).  Otherwise silk or satin materials pack well.  Men’s boxers and a cami usually do the trick for me.

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