Fall European Travel Outfit Ideas

Here are some ideas for Fall Travel Outfits. Remember when assembling your travel wardrobe: lightweight layers are key, dark neutrals work best, accesories keep your look from being plain, don’t forget your scarf.

As I’ve always said you can’t go wrong with black. In this instance the black trousers and a black jacket allow extra color brought by the patterned shirt. A simple black coat and pants lends itself to any number of easy to put together and pull off outfits. Flats complement and are comfortable. Smart looking trainers would also easily work for a comfy, funky look that is totally Europe appropriate. Don’t forget to add a scarf of some sort.

Black pants and top keep the look clean lined. The jacket adds a necessary break from the black and the bag adds texture. All she needs is a silk print scarf around the lapels of the jacket and viola ready for chic Euopean travels. Flats or other comfortable walking shoes ensure comfort throught out the day.

Dresses for Fall travel can definetely be pulled off. The long cardigan (in a thin, not chunky knit) and the tights makes this look seasonally appropriate. Add the accessory of the moment gloves and you’ve got a look. Forego the stacked pumps as she is wearing here and opt for something more foot friendly. A dress that also works layered over pants or leggings gives you more bang for your buck.

Layering at its best. A turtleneck layered under a cardigan make a perfect pairing in cooler weather. Special details such as the ones found on the cardigan give outfits extra interest. The scarf adds European appeal and can be used as a further warming layer. The gloves are functional and on trend. Simple flats with a thin trouser sock complete the look and are comfortable for long days of sightseeing.

My favorite look! A loose cut ,short pea coat is sophisticated in that casual sort of way. The coat layered over a blouse and cardigan combo looks comfortable yet pulled together. Opt for darker neutrals and this is the perfect travel outfit. A wide cut denim trouser adds casual elegance as well. Comfy flats are a must and don’t detract from the look. The scarf tied to the handbag adds the required European flair.

Black pants with an interesting jacket make for a chic travel look. The leather handbag in blue takes it a step up by providing some added interest and keeps the outfit from looking too simple. A silky print scarf worn in the hair would complement the outfit and give a flirty European look.