Knit to It

Knits appeared on the runways in a multitude of forms, from ultra-fine cardigans to chunky, cocoonlike concoctions. Knits are an essential layering piece in a fall or winter travel wardrobe and this season’s knits look especially cozy.

For this fall, lengthening the standard cardigan gives a nod to the trend as well as being a functional piece of travel clothing. Now that can mean slightly past the hips or longer for a sweater coat effect. V-neck sweaters layered over blouses also provide an easy to achieve runway to reality look.

The key with knits is that they must be lightweight, especially when layered over other clothing items. This will prevent you and your suitcase from appearing bulky.

Another option is the sweater dress, as long as it consists of a fairly light knit. This can be worn on its own or over tights, leggings, or jeans. Resist the temptation to pack the knit ponchos and capes that will also undoubtedly be popular this season. These are not as versatile as cardigans and they add much bulk to your packing. Plus, I’m still not over the poncho craze of a few years ago.