Leggings Leeway

Black opaque tights dominated the runway. Barely a bare legged model in sight, many a designer paired tights with frocks and skirts.

This look is one of the easiest to pull off. We can find opaque tights just about anywhere. They can still be paired with long tunics, minidresses, denim minis, and ballet flats. Tights are a fantastic travel item because you can also layer them under pants on colder days for an extra layer of warmth.

I won’t discount the practicality of including leggings in your travel wardrobe but they were not a major force on the runways for Fall ’07. The leggings idea has now morphed into black opaque tights or super slender black pants. Retailers still love leggings and they are not going to disappear any time soon. Aside from the quirky look they provide, they are quite functional.

Leggings can be a key layering item in your travel wardrobe. They can be worn under skirts or dresses and provide an extra layer on cooler days. But to remain au courant tights consider including tights on your packing list.