On the Blouse

I always associate blouses with the frilly, ruffly, “powersuity” kind of eighties look. Oh no wait, the best blouses of the season do have some frills, ruffles. Even that eighties airline stewardess staple the tie-neck has made a comeback. However, the shapes do appear slightly more modern.

I think this trend can make a significant impact on your travel wardrobe. Most blouses are in thin, silky, or sheer materials and right away that is a big advantage in packing light. As long as the blouse is not “dry clean only” the material content makes it ideal for travel.

On the other hand the design can really make it a versatile piece in your travel wardrobe. A blouse can dress up a pair of jeans and also gives extra interest when paired under a cardigan, v-neck sweater, blazer, or trench. The silhouette can also be more forgiving than a structured oxford because some styles skim the body rather than clinging to it.

I think the blouse replaces the billowy tunic for fall. The effect can still be the same if you find a longer one. If you can’t stomach a full-on blouse, look for blouse details. Anything with a bit of shimmer comes off as blousy, as do small feminine details. A cardigan helps ground a frilly blouse and keep it from looking too frothy or ethereal. A jacket also lends polish to a blouse.