Pants Wide Open

Perhaps as a reaction to the ubiquitous skinny of last season we see the resurgence of the wide leg jean. Can I just say, “Yay!” I do own skinnies but it takes some advanced styling to make them work when you aren’t quite so skinny yourself. The new wider cut of jeans helps balance out most body types and is a more forgiving silhouette.

The new wider cuts come in several versions. A trouser cut jean will skim the hip and end in a wider width than usual. Dramatic, sweepingly uber wide cuts are also springing up. Find a happy medium because the uber wide variety will increase the bulk of your suitcase and may be a little less than utilitarian while traveling.

If you decide to sport the wide leg remember to keep your tops somewhat slim to balance the look. For example, don’t pair wide leg jeans with a trapeze top because volume + volume doesn’t work. A fitted tee, slim-cut blouse, structured oxford, or slim cut cardigan work well.