The Bold and the Beautiful

The first of my Fall Fashion Forecast is here! Check back for more soon. Tomorrow, What to buy to get the look.

The bold colors that appeared on the scene for spring are still going strong. The colors for fall should be more deep, intense, and rich hues of the almost neon brights we’ve been introduced to. Think exaggerated jewel tones and you’ll be right on track: saffron (my personal pick), eggplant, deep cobalt, and rust were most prevalent on the runways. Now purple may be the new black, but that still doesn’t mean you can be dressed head to toe in it, now does it my little aubergines.

Translating the color trend into your travel wardrobe can be accomplished with accessories. Vibrant colored accessories can add sparkle and punch to your all black or neutral ensembles. This fall our options range from handbags, gloves, hats, and jewelry.