Belt one out
The power of the belt can’t be weakened yet.  Belts worn over basic travel items such as dresses, cardigans, and trenches add instant personality to an outfit.  These come in a myriad of styles and materials.  Limit leather belts especially wide ones because they tend to be heavy.  Find beaucoup belts here.

Belts can be simple and sleek or bold and statement
making.  Explore different options to find the look that
suits you best.

6s0513c.jpg$29 This belt from Newport News
gives a luxe look for less.$54 Linea Pelle produces high end
hand crafted belts which can be found
at discounted prices on
This one has gold distressed rings
woven throughout.

gp502085-00p01v01.jpg$34.50 Simple belt in a wide cut
gives an updated look.

s0705010_bt07_001.jpg$29 This detailed belt has
double straps for added detail.

_5319824.jpg$58 This fashion forward obi
belt from Nordstrom is sure to
provide a unique twist to any outfit.

137829_6600l.jpg$32 Skinny and sleek belt from
Ann Taylor.  Python embossing
provides the slightest bit of texture.

lpsc.jpg$57 Scalloped detail belt by
Linea Pella.  Meant to be
worn high on the waist.

641312_bla_frt.jpg$32 Cotton fabric belt from
Anthropologie is a
lightweight alternative to leather.

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