Get a leg up on Leggings
I think most of us that were children of the 80’s have gotten over the initial shock of the return of leggings.  Leggings are still coming on strong for spring and summer with the trend of lightweight layering.  Leggings can easily be incorporated into your travel wardrobe.  They work under dresses, long tunics, or skirts.  Capri length leggings will keep the look light in warmer weather.  They can also do double duty as comfy sleepwear.
No need to break the bank on leggings. They can also be found easily anywhere. Capri length is best for warmer weather. Leggings can also be comfy to sleep in and don’t take up too much luggage space.
Some leggings have a high cotton content so try and find synthetic blends. Opaque footless tights serve the same function as leggings and generally have a higher synthetic fabric content. When wearing tunic tops over leggings its best if the top covers the derriere as shown here. Black provides your sleekest option.

br466978-00p01v01.jpg$28. Synthetic Blend leggings from Banana Republic.

p239610b.jpg$12 or 2/$20. Leggings from Urban Outfitters.

sbleggings.jpg$12. ASSETS by Sara Blakely claims to slim tummy,
hips, thighs, and rear. A cheaper version of Spanx.
Well if I end looking like the model in the picture I’m
so buying these. Target.com.

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