Oversize Bags


The Bigger the Better
Many a model was seen carrying a tremendously large carry-all down the runway.  An oversize handbag serve us as well holding our guidebook pages, cameras, umbrellas, and other necessities we need while exploring our favorite European cities.  Supersize it here.

While this bag may be a bit oversize for most it illustrates
the look we’re going for.  Fortunately for us oversize bags
serve us well while sightseeing.  They can hold our camera,
umbrella, guidebook (pages), and a bottle of water and
whatever else we can think to cram in there.  Before
you get to overzealous stuffing your oversize bag to the
brim remember you still have to carry it around.  To avoid
sore shoulders don’t overload.

16060.l.jpg$68 Oversize Patent Totes from
ShopIntuition feature ruching details
for a luxe look.

84839_1_5.jpg$230.40  Classic styling from Maxx
New York.  Glazed leather adds a sleek touch.

B000J259T6.16._SCLZZZZZZZ_SS260_.jpg$24.99 This oversize tote from
Target has great detailing and
plenty of room.

83664_1_5.jpg$152.00 This bag by Bo Bo Bags
is an oversize hobo style and is sure
to add casual sophistication to any outfit.

1640_61738_dt.jpg$59.99 This versatile tote from
La Redoute also comes with a handy
shoulder strap.  Available in neutral
distressed leather or punchy blue or violet.

16067.l.jpg$65 This oversize patent tote
will add tons o’ personality
to basic neutrals.

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