Wedge your bets on it
The popularity of the wedge hasn’t diminished.  Perhaps it’s the wedges ability to give extra height and stability.  It’s much more comfortable to wear wedges than to teeter around on skinny little stiletto heels.  The prevalence of wedges is fantastic because more comfort shoe brands are incorporating this style into their sandals.  This means we can have happy and cute feet while touring cities in the heat of summer.  A wedge style sandal can smarten up capris as well as dress up a skirt or dress.

There are lots of options when it comes to wedge sandals remember to stick to styles that are designed for comfort and walking.  Sandals with ankle straps will provide more stability than open back styles.

clanissa.jpg$83.95 Anissa by Clarks Artisan
Collection.  This sandal provides
shock absorbtion to ease foot
fatigue as well as a sturdy rubber
outsole for maximum traction.

sslyric.jpg$70.95 Lyric Sandal by
Softspots.  The suede footbed
helps wick away moisture
as well as absorb shock
through memory foam

dnaomi.jpg$123.95 Naomi Sandal by Dansko.
This sandal contains Carbonsan
foam which allows the footbed to
follow the anatomical curves of
the foot.  Lessens shock on the
heel and ball of foot as well as
providing optimal rebound and
energy (in other words it gives
you a little extra spring to your

mephnanette.jpg$193.95.  Mephisto offers its
simple and stylish Nanette
walking sandal.  The outsole
as well as the footbed are
designed to absorb shock
for extended wear.

clitapestry.jpg$83.95 “Tapestry” Sandals
by Clarks Indigo Line.
EVA footbed eases foot
stress, step shock, and fatigue.

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