12 Reasons to always pack a scarf

If you’re looking to pack light and look chic while doing it, pack a scarf. A scarf gives you the ultimate in versatility because it takes up little luggage space yet adds to your basic travel wardrobe options. Scarves can go a long way in livening up a neutral travel wardrobe by providing a pop of color, pattern, or texture.

Here’s some other reasons to pack a scarf:

1. If you go to Europe I don’t think they let you into the country unless you are wearing one. Just kidding of course, but it’s amazing to see just about everyone sporting a scarf. If you want to blend in it’s important to wear one.


2. Thin and lightweight scarves take up little packing space and can add that little je ne sais quoi that we’re all after. Different styles and sizes can be worn different ways to suit your own personal style.

3. Wearing a scarf will get you that celebrity jetsetter look. Just be careful, you might have to fend off the paparazzi when you land! While we may not look like the gorgeous Rosie Huntington-Whitely, we can easily cop her look with the addition of an oversize scarf to our travel day outfit.


4. By now we’re all familiar with advice to pack some sort of pashmina type shawl for plane, train, or bus travel but it bears repeating. A large wrap scarf keeps you warm during cold airplane flights and extra layers can help get you through long travel days.

5. Keep a scarf handy in places where modest dress is required such as in European churches or Asian temples. Many places of worship require that you cover your shoulders or don’t permit shorts. With a scarf you can simply wrap it around your shoulders or use the scarf as a pareo wrap to cover up legs if you are wearing shorts.

6. If you are traveling with others, a colorful scarf can help you keep track of your travel mates. It may sound silly but in crowded markets it’s helpful.

7. If you really want to blend in, wait until you arrive at your destination to buy a scarf. This can give you an excuse to get a little shopping in and to check out local boutiques or street markets. I usually buy one to use for the duration of my trip and love having a unique reminder of my travels long after my trip is over.

The Souks in Marrakesh

8. You can use a larger scarf as a bathing suit coverup or towel.

9. If you’ve been on an overnight train or long plane flight and have a serious case of bedhead a small silk scarf can help tame your mane.


10. If you are a perfume wearer, no need to pack your precious potions. Just spritz your scarf with your favorite scent (just like a French woman would). It will keep your luggage smelling lovely and when it’s time to wear your scarf you’ll get a subtle scent.

11. For all my fellow mammas out there-my little ones often use my scarf as an extra blanket and sometimes as an impromptu tissue. Not really very chic and kind of gross I know but it does come in handy.

12.  Ditch that annoying travel pillow and instead roll up your scarf and use it as extra neck support during a long flight.

Have I convinced you yet? Maybe you have a scarf but don’t know how to style it. Look for upcoming posts about all the different ways to wear a scarf.

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