16 Ways to style your Travel Trench Coat

A trench can go beyond basic travel outerwear to becoming a style statement with a few tips and tricks. Its classic shape and silhouette adapts itself to just about anything in your wardrobe. This makes it a great Travelista Essential and a good item to include in your travel wardrobe. If you haven’t already looked at my guide on the 6 Best Trench Coats for Travel check it out to find out which style works best for you.

A trench works best in Fall and Spring weather and in the in between transitional seasons. Look at the weather of your destination to make a final determination. A trench coat easily gets you through European travel or travel to large cities but may not work in more casual cultural climates or during rainy season travel (unless your trench is waterproof).

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General Styling Tips
* Popping the collar of your trench adds extra drama and it’s a good look for evening activities.
* Scrunch your sleeves for a casual, effortless look.
* On warmer days you can leave your trench coat open and tie it in the back.
* If you do wear the trench coat closed, tie the belt instead of buckling it.
* A scarf pairs well with a trench and can give you added warmth, tuck the scarf into the belt for a different look.
* If you wear it tied in front, leave a small gap to show off your outfit and add a casual vibe.

There’s certain clothing combinations that transcend age and time. These classic combinations should leave you feeling confident and pulled together no matter your travel situation. Combining a stripe top, jeans and leopard flats with your trench provides you a good starting point to planning a travel wardrobe. A nice white button down gives that same classic and pulled together feel. Personalize your look with a scarf and accessories. Striped Top, Jeans, Leopard Flats, White Shirt.

If your travel agenda involves activities that require being dressed up your trench can do double duty. Combine your trench with classics like a little black travel dress or a black trousers and a dressy top and look pulled together without having to pack an extra jacket. Black Dress, Wedge Heels, Black Top, Black Trousers.

Let’s say you want to be comfortable in transit without looking too sloppy. You can do that by just throwing on your trench coat. That’s the beauty of the trench coat, you can wear comfortable layers underneath yet still look like you put some effort into your outfit. If you like a comfortable and casual airplane outfit a trench will still keep you looking pulled together. Wearing your trench in transit also helps save suitcase room. Winning! Gray Tee, Boyfriend Jeans, Vans Slip-On Sneaker, Chambray (Lyocell) Top.

I’m always looking for travel outfits that can transition from day to evening activities. Skirts paired with your trench provide a nice dressy casual look that can get you through the day. You can go with a flattering A-line shape or a slimmer style, just make sure the length isn’t too short and you feel comfortable. Gingham Shirt, Skirt, Cut-out booties, Button Down Blouse, Skirt, Cut-out Booties.

It may not seem to be a likely pairing but your bohemian looks can work with your trench coat. The trench provides a nice style counterpoint to your rocker tees, distressed denim and boho blouses. Tee, Black Jeans, Cut-out booties, Blouse, Cut-offs, Birks.

If you want even more styling ideas check out my Pinterest Board on Trench Coat Travel Style. I also found lots of trench street style pics on the Burberry Site, Art of the Trench. Happy Packing!

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