6 Best Trench Coats for Travel

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Do you want to look chic and pulled together on your next trip? Of course you do! Here’s the secret – pack a trench coat. The Trench Coat, I could write a whole book about it and it is most definitely a Travelista Essential. You could throw it over any outfit and look pulled together and effortlessly chic. If you don’t want to concern yourself too much about your travel outfits just make sure you wear your trench and a scarf and you’ll be set.

A trench coat works wonderfully for Spring or Fall weather travel. A trench coat will also get you through the tricky transitional time in between seasons. Being smart with your travel layers helps you get the most out of your trench. In cooler weather layer your trench over long sleeves or a sweater. In warmer weather layer over tees, short sleeve tops, blouses and even sleeveless tops. Remember to wear your coat on travel days to minimize bulk in your suitcase and you will look oh so jet-setty going through the airport.

While the trench coat works in many travel situations it won’t work for all of them. For instance I wouldn’t pack it for rainy season travel (you will need truly waterproof outerwear) or in countries where the cultural climate requires a more casual style like some South Asian countries. However, it is perfect for travel to large or cosmopolitan cities and European travel.

The kind of trench you select is all based on your style. I’ve shown several different takes on the classic and you can select one based on your own taste and what works best with your travel needs and wardrobe. The beauty of this style is that you can find affordable versions of the trench at stores like Target or Old Navy and of course the price points go up from there to the luxury classic Burberry.

trav_spring_essentials_trench copy

Classic Camel Trench
When you think of a trench coat you think of this coat – double breasted, belted in a camel or khaki color. This versatile shape can be styled a multitude of ways. One style note is to never buckle the belt, tie it closed instead. Classic cotton trench coat

Modern Trench Coat
This season I’ve noticed retailers offering a softer more modern approach to the Trench Coat. The version shown above has a zippered closure instead of buttons for a more streamlined look yet the cut is somewhat drapey for a more casual feel. Modern Zip Trench.

Waterproof Trench Coat
If you’re traveling to a rainy destination a waterproof Trench Coat will keep you comfortable and dry. A hood offers a little extra rain protection as well. Keep an option like this in mind if you are traveling in multiple climates. Columbia Pardon My Trench Rain Jacket.

Dark Trench Coat
No need to stick to a light colored Trench coat, there are plenty of dark colors or even bright colors to choose from. A dark trench may be more practical since it’s less likely to show dirt. My camel trench has a few stubborn spots that I’ve been unable to remove because it’s gotten a lot of wear over the years. For travel I would stick to darker neutral tones like black, navy or olive. The Trench Coat shown above from Madewell features a synthetic blend of poly/viscose and spandex (as opposed to heavy cotton) so it’s easily packable. Madewell Travel Trench Coat.

Flowy Trench Coat
A soft and drapey silhouette for the Classic Trench appears to be becoming more popular. This version of the Trench definitely gives off that effortless vibe. Refer to my Pinterest Board on Trench Coats for ideas on how to style a flowy trench coat. Flowy trench.

Cropped Trench Coat
A modern take on the Trench the crop Trench is perfect for spring. This is an easy to throw on layer that’s best suited for wearing over pants or jeans. Short Cotton Rain Coat.

You can find trench coats just about everywhere right now. As I mentioned above Target and Old Navy have affordable versions. Other places to look are Gap, Banana Republic, H&M, Asos, Forever 21, Nordstrom, Macy’s, ShopBop and REI and Backcountry.com for more technical versions of a trench coat. You can also check out your local consignment stores or ebay for some good deals.

Tomorrow I’ll offer tons of styling ideas for wearing your trench during travel, ok maybe not tons but 16 ways to style your trench. Please take a look at my Pinterest board for trench coat travel style inspiration.

I’m no fashion blogger type model by any means but here’s a photo of me and my trench coat in action in Barcelona. The trench served me well during a spring trip with temperatures in the 50’s in the morning and warming up slightly through the day.

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