Great Travel Raincoat on Sale!

Wherever I travel I always bring my trusty raincoat even if the weather doesn’t call for it. You just never know and I always would rather be safe than sorry. I always end up using it, even if it’s just as an extra insulating layer.

I bought The North Face Grace Rain Jacket for a 3 1/2 month stay in Argentina that included travel throughout the country. (My clothes for that entire trip fit in my backpack-but I’ll save that for another post). Even though the North Face is known for technical outdoor clothing this rain jacket is definitely more urban chic than camping geek. The fitted style and belted waist give you a flattering look. Best of all, it is lightweight. This makes it an essential piece if you want to pack light.

I paid a pretty penny for this rain jacket but it is now on sale at the REI-outlet online for $129. Still an investment, but it’s a useful outerwear item even if you don’t do a lot of traveling.

Here’s a pic of me wearing the jacket in Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay.
Colonia del Sacramento

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  • Josie, I have the same raincoat, but in the white color. It’s a great coat! I have worn it on my travels, as well as at home when it rains. I also get compliments when I wear it.

    Love your website. Keep the articles coming.


  • I love your stylish travel tips and outfits! Is it possible you could post some more travel outfits say for destinations/ weather appropriate? Like Europe in Winter or beach vacation in Mexico?

  • Thank you for the tip, I love the coat! One question, can this be light enough to wear when it is warm and rainy out? Or is the coat more for fall/spring weather here in the northeast of the US?


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