Packing Essentials for Fall and Spring : Outfit Options

Here’s a few of the outfit options you can put together from just 11 pieces of clothing: 1 Outerwear, 2 Sweaters, 1 Blouse/Button down, 2 layering tanks, 2 tees/tops, 2 jeans/pants, and 1 dress. The visual list can be found here. This is by no means every possible combination, just some examples to illustrate that you can make a few items of clothing go a long way. If you’ve got room in your luggage for some of the optional items I listed then your travel wardrobe stretches even a bit further.

You want an airplane outfit to be comfortable but by wearing your bulkiest layers you can keep your suitcase light. The extra layers will also help you deal with the temperature changes during your travel day.

By sticking to a neutral color palette and packing basic items you can mix and match travel outfits easily. Here’s an example of just a few of the travel ensembles you can put together. Your shoe choice dresses your outfit up or down. I chose the Converse sneakers from the Packing Essentials list because flats do tend to bother my feet after a few hours of walking.

Sometimes our travel activities call for nice dinners or going to special events in which case a dress is the way to go. Ideally, choose a versatile dress that can go from day to evening. If I know that my travel activities will lead into the evening without a return to the hotel then I wear dressier layers such as a blouse or button down shirt and boots.

Remember, if you are doing laundry on the road these 11 essential items for Fall and Spring travel can last from a week to months. Cheers and happy packing!

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  • These outfits are genius (and beautiful). I always forget to go light on jewellery on airport days and end up holding up the whole line while I take everything off and stuff it in my bag (which then gets knotted)!

  • I’ve always stressed the importance of boots. They go with everything and are comfortable. I have a pair of riding boots from aerosoles. Soooo comfortable. =) nuetrals like browns, blacks and denim are awesome and go with everything! Makes backpacks and luggages much smaller.

  • hey travelista, I’m dealing with a June trip to Europe (paris, switzerland)–
    would you do a summer europe packing illustration? Your fall/winter was pinned a million times- we need spring summer!!
    thanks so much!

  • This is fantastic! I really hope you are planning a packing essentials list for Summer! I am going to Tuscany and Venice in August and could really use some guidance about what to pack!

  • I’m going to Denmark and Sweden in July and I NEED one of your packing essentials lists for my trip! Please help!

  • Love your blog! I start a job where you travel 90% of the time throughout the U.S. and your blog was just what I was looking for-keep ’em coming!

  • Interesting site good ideas… However I’m a senior, 70, do have a half decent figure. Do like leggings, capris, shorts, not to short, knee length..
    Would like some ideas in my age. We are traveling in a smaller RV for the summer. So space is a concern. Would appreciate any an all ideas

    Thank you for your time. Tana Blocker

  • Love all you post. Now I need your help with my packing needs
    Off to Canada in September 2015. Will be flying,
    Bus, train and ship travel while I am there. Will be a need for a couple
    of dressy dinners. Looking forward to your suggestions
    Thank you

  • Hi! Love these travel outfits. Where did you find the black floral scarf? I would love to purchase one like that.