Packing for a Spring trip presents a few challenges because the weather can go from cold to warm to rainy. When you are planning your spring travel outfits pack lightweight layers to help you get through the unpredictable weather. You can add or take away these layers as the weather changes.

In the Spring Travel Capsule I posted yesterday I offered several layering options with the 12 piece capsule: 1 Trench Coat, 1 raincoat, 1 open caridigan, 1 open knit pullover sweater, 1 draped jacket, 1 Long Sleeve Tee Shirt, 1 Short Sleeve Tee Shirt, 1 Long Sleeve Blouse, 1 Short Sleeve Blouse, 1 Jean, 1 Black Pant, 1 Dress. Here’s some ideas for just a few of the outfit combinations you can put together (clothing details can be found in yesterday’s post). The outfit possibilities extend beyond this I just wanted to visually show how many versatile outfits you can get out of a 12 piece travel capsule wardrobe.

trav_spring_outfits copy

Happy Travels!

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