Eurail Pass

The rail system in Europe is fantastic and something of a novelty for us Americans.  You can get to just about anywhere in Europe using the rail system which opens up endless possibilities (hmmm Milan or Madrid today?).  The efficient and comfortable trains allow you to enjoy a lot of the European countryside and breathtaking landscapes.  The Rail Pass system makes travel between European countries easy and enjoyable.

A rail pass allows you to hop on just about any train in Europe without having to purchase a ticket because you’ve essentially already prepaid your train tickets.  With the rail pass you can avoid the expense and hassle of buying point to point tickets for all your destinations.  In most instances the pass can save you a great deal of money especially when traveling long distances or overnight.

You purchase a rail pass here in the states, although available for purchase in Europe it will cost you 20% more (therefore buy it here in the states).  The different kinds of passes and options available may seem overwhelming.  Having an itinerary will help you select the best pass possible.  Don’t get bogged down in planning a detailed itinerary, a rough idea of your plans should help narrow down options.  Once you’ve sketched out an itinerary you’ll be able to see how many days you will need to use the train and over what time period.  Rail passes are classified by days of train travel over a certain period of time.

Your age and traveling with more than one person affect the price of the pass.  Travelers over the age of 26 pay slightly more for their pass but they also get first class seats.  Travelers 26 and under qualify for the discounted Youth Pass and second class seats.  A Saver Pass provides groups of 2-5 with discounted first class seats and is a good option for couples or a small group with the same itinerary.

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