Traveling light limits your luggage options to those that conform to airline carry on requirements (check with your airline for specific measurements).  Even if you plan not to carry-on your luggage airlines now limit the amount checked luggage can weigh (usually no more than 50 lbs. but check with your particular airline), and penalize you for overweight baggage.  Most airlines state that carry on luggage cannot exceed 45” (length + width + height).   This translates roughly to a bag measuring 22 x 14 x 9.  This measurement should include any handles, wheels, or other extrusions.  Now that we know our parameters we can look at our options which come down to selecting luggage

Your choices for luggage include a rolling suitcase or a travel backpack.  Both of these options are the most practical since European travel demands that you carry your luggage for extended periods and longer distances.  After all the hard work of paring down your travel wardrobe and toiletries you don’t want heavy and bulky luggage to literally weigh you down.  It’s important that your luggage be lightweight as well.  Whether you choose a rolling suitcase or a backpack the material should consist of a lightweight nylon.  When purchasing luggage also bring a tape measure to double check that measurements conform to carry on guidelines.