Wheeled Suitcase

If you opt not to use a backpack a rolling suitcase provides your next best option. It seems everyone has adopted this style of luggage and it can be found just about anywhere. This type of luggage weighs more than a backpack, try and keep the total weight under 9 pounds (unpacked of course). Suitcases made of nylon or polyester materials provide the lightest weight.

Recessed wheels are best because they don’t add to the total measurement of the suitcase. Check for durable wheels in a strong housing to avoid disaster and a broken wheel while trekking through cobblestones and endless stairs in the metro. Suitcases with in-line skate wheels can stand up to just about any cobblestone. Some suitcases come with four rather than two wheels. The extra wheels allow the suitcase to swivel 360 degrees and make for easy navigation of the suitcase down narrow aisles.

The handle of the suitcase should fully retract into the suitcase (internal handle assembly) so that it doesn’t add to the total measurement of the bag. The handle should extend to a height that is comfortable for you. The handle should be sturdy and able to extend smoothly, lock into place, and smoothly retract and lock into place. Check for heavy duty zippers that can withstand being stuffed without breakage.

Research prices before going to a department store or luggage store to make sure you pay the fair market value. It’s also worth checking discount outlets such as Marshalls, TJ Maxx, or Nordstrom rack because they often carry name brand luggage with a significant price reduction. I would not purchase an expensive piece of luggage unless it came with some sort of warranty. If you only plan to use the luggage once or even occasionally it does not make sense to break the bank on the latest TUMI bag.

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