Travel Clothes Inspiration from Eat, Pray, Love

I recently saw the film Eat, Pray, Love and was struck by the simplicity and practicality of the outfits Julia Roberts wore when traveling. Many elements definitely embodied the Travelista aesthetic. Her wardrobe consisted of chic, simple, and practical pieces that you can use as inspiration next time it comes to packing for a trip. In this post I’ll focus on the clothing she wore for her travels in Rome.


This is one of my favorite looks and one that you can easily cop. The lightweight denim shirtdress could work for Spring and Fall travel and maybe into the Summer as well. The gladiator sandals are a practical yet trend conscious choice for wandering cobblestoned streets.

The details are what make the outfit stand out: the simple brown belt, the adorable and sun protecting bucket hat, the sunglasses, and the large tote. Once again this proves accessories are your friend when packing, they can take something as simple as a shirt dress and make it memorable. Stash a scarf and a cardigan in your large tote and you won’t be chilled by cool nighttime breezes. A black or other neutrally colored shirt dress will achieve the same effortlessly chic effect.


This photo was taken on set but it shows the full length outfit. Layers, layers, layers – it’s all about layers when planning your travel wardrobe and this look shows off a great way to layer. A long length, short sleeve, sweater was layered over a 3/4 length sleeve tee which was layered over a full long sleeve tee. Also note the different shades of neutrals used in the layering. A thin black belt tops off the ensemble and keeps the look from becoming bulky and frumpy. The slim bootcut jeans keep the outfit on the more classic side. Once again I love the obvious comfort factor of her simple flat boot. Comfortable shoes are an absolute must when traveling and the flat black boot is a great choice. The cross body bag adds an urban flair.

Incidentally, this outfit occurs as the character is putting on some weight -there’s a conversation involving “muffin top” as the characters proceed to down a whole pizza. This is yet another reason to love this outfit-eat all the pizza you want and it will conceal the dreaded muffin top.


Not much to glean from the outfit that graces the movie poster. She is wearing a Travelista essential which is the scarf along with a tailored leather jacket. The tailored leather jacket achieves a classic effect or you can opt for a trendy leather moto jacket look which is still going strong. Of course she dons a pair of simple yet sensible flats.

eat pray love locations5

The structured dress Julia Robert’s wears in this scene may not make sense for travel but a simple printed dress and loose, casual jacket can achieve the same effect.  The character actually wears this jacket in scenes that take place in NY as well.

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