Travelista European Trend Report – Chucks are Chic

In my opinion, Converse All Stars, or Chucks never really go out of style. They are an enduring classic and while wild prints and colors may bedeck some of them, the shoe itself is always identifiable.

During my past trip to Europe I saw that Chucks are a definite trend right now. The style most that was most prevalent was the classic Chuck style in white or cream and either low or high top. I spotted these on everyone from fresh faced teenagers to glamorous fashion types.

The prevailing trend In Europe is to wear Chucks with skinny jeans. I also saw them combined with trouser pants for a smart effect. Hi- tops worn with skinny, cropped pants were also common.

Many Europeans have adopted the classic sneaker and it was interesting to see the different ways they integrated it with their own personal style. As you can see from my photos above one woman has chosen to combine her Chuck hi-tops with a luxurious fur, avant garde designer pants, and a classic Chanel purse.

Chanel Spring '08
This woman has chosen a more artistic route with her textured vest and monochromatic look.

For a casual sort of chic Chucks might have potential as travel shoe. Especially if you are younger or just fancy yourself young they can be modified to work as a walking shoe. I’ve never found my Chucks to be that comfortable but with a little customization the comfort level could improve.

The backs of the shoe always cause a blister on me so Heavenly Heelz by Foot Petals should solve that problem. If you are planning on doing a significant amount of walking insoles could be a handy modifications as well. In case these don’t work out a blister kit always helps.

I probably will not be using Chucks as a travel shoe anytime soon but I’m thinking about picking up a fresh pair and pairing them with my my trouser cut pants as I saw expertly done in Paris. The Converse All Star is definintely a classic and one to consider when making your next shoe purchase.


Chucks and Chanels, one of my favorite shots of Chanel fashion show attendees.

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