What to Pack for Mexico City : Spring Travel Capsule

Mexico City Travel Capsule Details

I took a 5 day trip to Mexico City. Of course, I packed everything using my carry-on capsule packing process. Since this trip was just under a week, I fit everything I needed in my 40 liter backpack.

My travel capsule consisted of 11 items of clothing and 2 pairs of shoes and accessories (all details listed below). I also brought my large Lululemon tote bag as my personal item to hold my camera gear, books and miscellaneous items. I felt I had everything I needed for the variable changes in temperature and felt that everything I packed was appropriate. The travel capsule I packed gave me lots of options from casual to dressy to dress/casual.

Use this travel capsule as the basis for helping you pack and plan for your trip to Mexico City or any other destination with transitional spring-like weather.

Why Mexico City:

I’ve ranked Mexico City high on my travel bucket list for many years. I kept hearing and reading about all the amazing food the city has to offer. As an avid foodie this made Mexico City an appealing destination. It’s also a relatively inexpensive  three hour flight from Dallas. 

One evening some of my food-loving friends and I got together for our monthly Supper Club. We starting talking about Mexico City over a few glasses of Rosé and we decided it would be our next destination for a group trip. Fortunately, we found some decent airfare for travel just after the New Year. We all took a welcome break from our busy schedules and made the trip happen.

Where to Stay:

Don’t get too overwhelmed by the size of Mexico City. Think about the city as full of small villages, each with their own personality. In my research I found that the Roma and Condesa neighborhoods were within walking distance of cute cafes and restaraunts. So, we focused our Air Bnb searches to the affordable options in those neighborhoods. We finally settled on a spot in the Condesa neighborhood close to restaurants and bakeries.

Our Air BnB was close to this cozy cafe, Primo’s, were we started our mornings with coffee or bubbles (or both!).

Plan your Itinerary:

The week before we left on the trip I got hit with a 24-hour bug that left me in my bed or on my couch with nothing to do except sleep. Because of this, I managed to do several hours of research while I was sick. In my research I discovered that  Mexico City truly has it all: culture, art, history, food, architecture and margaritas!

Once I had a rough itinerary and basic idea of the types of things we were going to do I was able to start planning my travel capsule. Just as a refresher, the weather and your travel activities serve as the basis for planning your travel capsule. The more clear your itinerary, the better you can plan your travel outfits.

Check the Weather:

I had trouble imagining what the weather in Mexico City would be like because of the range of temperatures (40s – mid 70s). Spring weather that transitions from cold to warm calls for light layers. The weather turned out to be warm and sunny during the day and a little chilly in the mornings and evenings. As a result of this, scarves and light layers were key. If you need a refresher on layering for travel, read more about that here.

Use Checklists:

As usual I turned to my checklists and worksheets. No matter how many times I’ve traveled I will never pack without consulting my checklists at least. That way I can rest assured that I won’t forget anything essential!

Determine your travel style:

During my research on Mexico City (thank you Pinterest!) I felt like I got the vibe of what I wanted my travel capsule to look like. So, I planned and packed for casually versatile clothing options with a few eclectic touches and pops of color.

Put together your Mix and Match travel clothing items:

I was totally happy with my travel capsule and I happened to have found a cute dress at Anthropologie (ON SALE!!) a few days before I left. It had the unicorn quality of working with both my sneakers and booties (the only two shoes I packed).

I usually am not a “dress person” but I knew I was going to go a fancy tasting menu meal at Pujol so I thought it would be more appropriate than jeans. It also worked well with my two outer layers, my denim jacket and my leather jacket and each gave it a different look. Sadly, this dorky photo of me being insanely joyful after our meal at Pujol is the only photo I have of my outfit. But you get the idea, take the same dress and you can wear it two ways just by changing shoes, outerwear and accessories.

Several of my travel capsule items I had already tested and used for my trip to Amsterdam and Paris like my leather jacket, black jeans and black wide leg pants from Athleta. I really liked having a graphic tee in my last capsule so I added one to this capsule as well.

Take Photos

I’m trying to get better at taking more photos of myself when I travel. Not just for the blog but as a keepsake. Usually, I’m too in the moment to stop and take pictures but I did get a few nice pics this time because one of my friends used to be a professional photographer!

With your carefully planned out travel capsule you should feel cute and confident enough to get your photo taken and not shy away from it. I hope to provide you with the advice to help you put together a stylish travel capsule that you are proud of. You invest in yourself and your loved ones when you travel with so you owe it to yourself to feel your best. Why not capture the moment! It’s not vain, it’s a way to remember the moment so you can hold on to the memories.

Need More Help Packing a Carry-On?

If you need more help packing your carry-on luggage, get my Spring Carry-on Capsule Guide. It will help you take the panic out of packing for your next trip.

I break down the packing process into 3 phases to get you packed and prepared for your next trip!

No more worries that you’ve packed the wrong things or don’t feel confident with what’s in your suitcase (hint-that’s one of the reasons WHY you overpack).

No stressing about lost luggage or struggling with being bogged down with too much stuff.

Travel like a seasoned pro in a carry-on!



Travel Capsule Items for 5 Days in Mexico City

2 Outerwear (jean jacket, leather jacket)

1 Sweater

4 Tops

  • 2 blouses

  • 1 Button Down

  • 1 Tee shirt

3 Bottoms

1 Dress

1 pair comfortable walking shoes

1 pair booties

1 large scarf

2 small neck scarves

Necklace / Earrings / Bracelet (go for a pop of color if you are feeling bold)

1 belt

1 tote

1 crossbody bag

1 Rain jacket (during rainy season May – November)


Draped Biker Jacket – my version is from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale – Trouve Draped Jacket

Jean Jacket – my version is from Loft

Black Pullover Sweater – my cashmere version is from a consignment store (I love shopping for designer clothing at consignment and thrift stores) Vince Brand

Printed Top – a lightweight printed blouse adds a little interest to neutral bottoms.

Graphic Tee-If you are so inclined a graphic tee can be a fun addition to your travel capsule. My Fort Worth (gotta represent my hometown) graphic tee is from a local company, Morgan Mercantile. I like this vintagey Ramones tee too.

Midi Dress – the one I wore is linked above. This style is popular right now and most retailers have a version of them.

Chambray Shirt – I love a chambray shirt, I packed a slightly thick version with a slightly western vibe.

Detailed Blouse – I packed a solid top blouse with eyelet details to add texture to my outfits.

Black Wide Leg Pants – these pants from Athleta are super light weight and versatile.

Gray Jeans – a nice alternative to blue jeans.

Black jeans– can withstand just about any travel mishap and look dressed up.

Fashion Sneakers– I’ve worn these before-they are neutral and go with everything. The texture on them makes them interesting.

Waterproof Booties– These are comfortable, waterproof and stylish.

Tune in tomorrow where I post some outfit options that you can put together from this travel capsule and a few more Mexico City tips!


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